Stefan Röben

choreographies generating spaces

Encounters in an Empty Space



As a cinematographer, I delve into a situation and make my camera dance with the characters. Since 2011, I am shooting short movies and features in and around Berlin, with small, handheld cameras. I prefer spontaneous, unplanned situations, with imaginative people. In the videos below, you can see some examples of my previous work. I work closely with a small team, and use simple fixtures, found objects and natural light to create a stage for the characters.

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narrative feature, 2012

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narrative feature, 2014

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narrative short, 2015

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narrative short, 2015

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narrative short, 2013

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performance, 2015

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Since 2014, I have been collaborating with diverse artists to create, enter and perform disconnected spaces. Through intensive body work and meditation-like theatre techniques, we free ourselves from the demands of our daily routine —practices which both reproduce spaces and are informed by those spaces—, bring up our bodies‘ own rhythms, and play.

Common spaces like the street, the school, the family home, or media like television, language or the internet, pose their respective constraint on what encounter is appropriate, and what aspects of a human radiate from their body. I want to discover disconnected spaces, as inclusive and welcoming as possible without blurring our utopian scope. My tools are concept, experiment and collaboration.

In 2014, I led a workshop in which four-legged beings learned to encounter each other. The same year, I initiated a series of happenings around the narrative of a child visiting several societies in a city without surroundings. In 2015, I gave a camera workshop within a fable setting to explore characters. This year, I do research on hulls and temporary spaces in which situations of ecstatic presence are mechanically and perpetually generated.

In my works, I don‘t want to point out something, but rather invite people to delve deep and wholly into a situation. The feedback from participants informs future projects. My occupation with body and encounter stems from the observation that European patriarchy is supported by the reign of ratio, whereas the bottomlessness of intuition and body-time (as opposed to intellect) naturally evades any economization routine, thus nescessitating total appreciation of others.

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You may download the video excerpts, but not use them in your own productions.